Keep the Elements Flowing Away From Your Home or Business

The force of water is tremendous, and if left un-addressed, the consequences can be devestating. Most homes are not new and in order to preserve/maintain them, it's important to make sure water stays outside and away from the home.

The benefits of having a properly installed drainage system are endless, but the most important one is that is helps prevent water damage and structural issues both inside and outside of your home or office building. Poor drainage systems lead to issues that sometimes create much larger problems - molding, foundational issues, wall replacement, major landscape renovations, and more.

Our team of skilled professionals can help you avoid all of these headaches by replacing or repairing your drainage system! We'll work with you from start to finish. Remember - our job isn't done until you're 100% satisfied with the outcome.


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If you're hiring a general contractor in the Twin Tiers and surrounding areas in NY and PA, choose one of the most trusted names in the business. Silver's Contracting handles all projects with professionalism and integrity. It's our goal to satisfy every one of our clients with every part of your project.



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